What can nurses do to promote healthy lifestyles which are designed to prevent illnesses?

Educating patients is one of the main tasks for the nurse. After all, they know best what shall be done to improve the health of every particular patient. People who face the first serious problems with their health pay closer attention to what experts advise them and try to follow these recommendations when possible. That is why nurses need to make sure that their directions are realistic to implement and bring some benefits right away.

Becoming a role model is a general practice nurses can take to benefit all patients at a time. There is the evidence that patients are more likely to engage in the same activities as their health care provider who has a better understanding how sports or eating habits impact our body. Advising something you would not undertake yourself makes the practice suspicious to the patient.

If a nurse cannot be an example of some practice, they can point at the person who does it. May be their fellow doctor, or friend, or a sports star practices yoga or something else that makes them stronger and more resilient.

Persuading patients to change their habits, nurses need to set smart goals. Healthy habits must fit in the person’s schedule and do not take away a lot of time they dedicate to other essential things. Exercising in the morning can be too tough for many people while doing the same in the evening will work much better for many. Setting a smart goal, nurses shall outline what is the benefit of this approach. Do people improve their well-being soon after they go vegetarian or do they need to wait a lifetime till some magic consequences come? Nurses have to be as precise as possible to persuade patients to do something.

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How can nurses help patients deal with phobias and fears?

Fear is a natural response to factors that look potentially dangerous. Though hospitals and their staff do not look as scary as spiders or firearms, many people, especially children and the elderly, cannot stand health care establishments. Top patients fears associated with hospitals include infections and germs, incompetence and rudeness or the staff, death, the cost of medical care, needles, intrusive diagnostics, and loneliness. Many of these fears are based on old stereotypes about previous health care systems and personal negative experience of patients.

Combating patient’s phobias is the task for both patients and the staff. All people require health care services every now and then not necessarily because they are ill. Seeing a medical provider is a routine for many of us so we need to stop associating clinics with death or disability. Doctors and nurses can greatly help us accomplish this task. Educating patients and persuading them to see the provider more often, nurses can prevent critical diseases that devastate patients. Providing high-quality services, doctors may create a positive image of their clinic in patients who will no longer be afraid to come and check their health.

While patients who rarely develop serious conditions are hardly afraid of hospitals, those in the intensive care units have hard times. On their way to recovery, people depend on services provided at the hospital and come through the procedures that are far from pleasant. Here clinics can improve their practices and make them more patient-friendly. After all, health care is not cheap, and people want to feel that they are taken care of, not only victimized.

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The role that nurses play in emotional rehabilitation

Rehabilitation from mental and physiological impairments is a difficult task both for patients and nurses. Depending on the severity of illness and its impact, post-trauma patients are often physically unable to rehabilitate in full. They may have neurological, motor, visual, hearing, or language defects that make them dependent on nurses. The healthcare professional acts as a caregiver in this case. They make sure that the patient gets all the necessary care from their families and rehabilitation teams on whom they depend. But a complete physical recovery depends on the patient’s readiness to recover in the first place, and no caregiver can help the patient who does not want to get through.

An important task of nurses is to provide basic counseling. The patients must be eager to recover, not to get stuck in the state of dependence. It is the nurse’s task to persuade the patient in the necessity of rehabilitation. It appears that many patients get comfortable with their disability during the illness and cannot see why they need to work so hard. At this place, nurses need to make people a little uncomfortable with the current disability thus motivating them to move on. The highest standard of care is good for a patient but they need a stimulus to start working on their body. It would be great if nurses help patients put goals motivating people to rehabilitate. For example, going back to favorite activities or engaging with their social group may stimulate older adults to recover.

Though it is not correct to provide patients with everything at once, creating a comfortable home environment is a key to recovery. Nurses usually work with family members to make sure that they also provide a psychological support. No one is powerful being alone in a strange environment.

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Different strategies nurses can use for a quick response to emergency and critical care situations

Being a nurse is a huge social responsibility, and being a critical care nurse is the matter of life and death. In intensive care units, nurses come across qualification and emotional challenges that are not common for their colleagues. To provide critical care, the nurse shall operate fast and steadily. They are prepared by medical schools and further licensed as such, but most of their occupation experience critical care nurses receive through the employer’s training. Nurses in the ICU are always more experienced as they possess an advanced training and knowledge in treating numerous acute conditions. Therefore, a nursing experience is the first and utmost necessity in managing critical situations.

Besides essential training, critical care nurses must possess an emotional readiness to work in the ICU. They usually face patients who experience the highest degree of pain, breathing difficulties, or injuries making them panic. Nevertheless, years of practice allow nurses to keep concentrated on providing the first aid when necessary. Over the time, quick and precise actions happen as a natural response so that the nurse does not need to think over the strategies suitable in every situation.

A critical care nurse usually has more tasks than providing an instant help. They also need to connect with the patients who cannot communicate. It is quite easy to take actions when one knows what is wrong with the person, but, in many cases, nurses have to figure it out themselves. It is essential that nurses assured the safety of immobilized patients and those who move uncontrollably. And last, caretaking includes the transition of patients from the ICU to palliative care and giving them instructions on further treatment.

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How do nurses renew and transfer their nursing license when they move to a new location?

An acquisition of nursing license is more complicated than just graduating from school and passing exams. Future nurses need to complete about 500 hours of practice at the health care institution and pass special qualification exams. But once the nurse has met the standards predetermined by the government, they have to constantly work in health care and regularly renew their license.

In the US, nursing licenses are issued by the state boards of nursing all over the country. They comprise a single National Council of State Boards of Nursing and are responsible for issuing and renewing licenses as well as taking disciplinary actions against licensed nurses who violate the law. State boards enact the Nurse Practice Act that sets requirements for the registration and nursing practice.

A single-state license (the most common one) is valid only for a state or territory where it was issued. In this model, the nurse must contact the board to check how they can continue the practice in any other state. Besides the single state model of license, some boards of nursing also issue the multiple recognition model. It allows nurses to work in their home state as well as in some other states across the US. Currently, 24 states participate in the mutual recognition model.

In order to receive a license renewal notice, all the licensed nurses need to keep their name and address current with their board of nursing. Professionals with a terminated license are practicing illegally and fall under administrative sanctions of their board of nurses. Nurses who have not practiced for a long time also need to confirm their qualifications to restart the practice.

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